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Santa Maria Arts Council

The 37th Annual Art Show
Will run the month of April 2017
in the Santa Maria Town Center
Welcome to the 37th Annual Student Art Show

Besides certificates of participation, ribbons and cash prizes to first, second, and third place winner, the students who enter their work in a public art show are rewarded in intangible ways, self-esteem, creativity, expanded perceptual capacity, and a chance to share their accomplishment with the community, family and friends.
Best of Show
Alexzandra McQuade – Righetti
1st Place – Sophie Buelow – Righetti
2nd Place – Elizabeth Kwong – Orcutt Academy
3rd Place – Kuniko Ishiki – Righetti
HM – Alex Rodriguez – Righetti
HM – Ariana Vauclin – Orcutt Academy
1st Place – Tenley Childs – Orcutt Academy
2nd Place – Virginia Iniguez – SM High School
3rd Place - Taryn Anaya – Pioneer Valley
HM – Nuri Roman – SM High School
HM – Makenna Gitchell – St. Joseph
HM – Cindy Perez – SM High School
1st Place – Jordan Mangayao – Orcutt Academy
2nd Place – Garrett Ederer – Orcutt Academy
3rd Place - Cassandra Morrision - Orcutt Academy
HM – Emmanuel Rocha - Righetti
HM – Ivan Parkins - Righetti
1st Place – Paula Solano Abarca - Righetti
2nd Place – Marissa Ortiz - Righetti
3rd Place - Vanessa Osalde – Pioneer Valley
HM – Samantha Forkin - Righetti
HM – Dania Garcia-Antunez – Pioneer Valley
HM – Meegan Berstecher - Righetti
1st Place – Sierra Enciso – Orcutt Academy
2nd Place – Jocelyn Sandoval – Pioneer Valley
3rd Place - Valerie Suarez – SM High
HM – Leslie Velez – Pioneer Valley
HM – Natalie Sheley – Orcutt Academy
2017 Student Art Show
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Alex Rodriguez
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Alexzandra McQuade
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Elizabeth Kwong
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Jocelyn Sandoval
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Jordan Mangayao
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Sophie Buelow
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Paula Solano Abarca
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Vanessa Osalde

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