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Santa Maria Arts Council

Encouraging and Supporting the Expansion of the Arts since 1965
And one of the most important things about art is it teaches you to not just think about yourself, but it puts you in the head of other people. So you start realizing somebody else’s pain, or somebody else’s hopes. And you start realizing that we have more in common. So if I read a novel by somebody in Africa, now, suddenly, I understand more about how we are similar.  And if I listen to a Vietnamese rap, and it connects to the things that I’m feeling, now I feel closer to a country on the other side of the world. And that’s how we build understanding. And that’s how we end up being able to work together and plan together and build a better future together.
-Barack Obama

4th Annual Birdhouse Fundraiser

Coming October 2016

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Pictured are last year’s creations.

Join us the first Saturday in October at Autumn Arts Festival and for just $1 you’ll have a chance to win an original birdhouse creation while supporting the spring Student Art Show.

Visit the Showcase 2016 web page

2016 Santa Maria Arts Council Individual Grants in the Arts

Leo Cortez, Honoree


Andrea Valesco - Zane Atkinson

Jack Raventos - Natalie Graham

Annali Fuchs - Ari Lagomarsino - Kyla Kennedy

Visual Arts
Jonas Tucker - Maria-Cristina Arevalo - Derick Edwards - Robert York
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