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Santa Maria Arts Council

Encouraging and Supporting the Expansion of the Arts since 1965
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Kitty Balay, Craig Shafer, Linda Shafer, Skye Privat, Kyle Green, Isabella Osgood, Bridget Lee, Zachariah Mayberry, Damian Sanchez, Charlotte Baldiviez, Emily McCosh, Edward Chavarria, Yaquelin Suarez Guzman, Chloe Sheley, Vanessa Osalde

2018 Santa Maria Arts Council Individual Grants in the Arts Showcase
Monday, May 7 Marian Theatre

List of 2018 Grants winners and more information…

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2018 Lester B. Hayes Grant Winners
Santa Maria Philharmonic
AHC Singers

2019 Lester B. Hayes Grant Application NOW available
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The 38th Annual
Student Art Show

View more art on the Student Art Show web page

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Chloe Sheley

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Arianna Vouclin

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Valerie Suarez

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Mackenzie Webb

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Local film makers are telling the story of mixed race girls. Set in Guadalupe, filming begins this summer. Learn about the project and help support these local storytellers.
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Birdhouses Support Student Art

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The birdhouses were at the OCAF Chalk Art Festival this year.
It was a great success!
Thanks to all who supported our fundraiser.

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  1. General Fund
  2. Showcase Event
  3. Grants Fund
  4. Student Art
  5. L.B. Hayes Fund
The Santa Maria Arts Council is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
Tax ID # 23-7011595

Santa Maria Arts Council
P.O. Box 5
Santa Maria, CA